Seat Wise Survey

Seat Wise Survey

During the time of general elections in India, we often serve to election commission for polling surveys and publish the results in the newspapers, magazines, and other periodicals. We are serving to conduct political surveys to know the opinions about the candidates of the certain political parties. We are working for many years to conduct surveys during Lok Sabha, Vidhan Sabha, and Rajya Sabha elections and providing the results to participating parties regarding the favorable and non-favorable results. Our Seat Wise Surveys help parties to make essential decisions about giving election tickets to the candidates for the particular seats.

It is a difficult task for the political parties to get the bright idea about the mentality of the voters regarding their candidates who are participating in the elections. So to make such task easier, we take the initiative to conduct state wise, district wise, and area wise surveys to get views about the ruling party as well as other political parties. We particularly take actions to ask people about the candidates of their respective areas and prepare the report for the political parties and election commission.

Our political surveys are providing 100 percent accurate results based on the judgment of the voters as our survey reports speak about the percentage of the positive and negative views of voters for each candidate which helps the parties to take essential steps to hold back their position in the particular areas.


Poll Analysis Survey

Election Survey Report Accuracy
Lok Sabha Election 2014 BJP will make a government with 270 Seats 100 %
Haryana Assembly Elections 2014 BJP 45 +2-2 INLD 20+2-2 Congress 15+2-2 100 %
Himachal Assembly Election 2017 BJP 44+2-2. Congress 20+2-2 100 %
Gujrat Assembly Election 2017 BJP 100+2-2. Congress 75+2-2 100 %
Tripura Assembly Election 2018 NDA 43+1-1 CPIM17+1-1 100 %
Karnataka Assembly Election 2018 BJP 102+-2 Congress 78+-2 JDS 35+-2 100 %

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