Election Campaign management

Election Campaign management

The Nature of election campaigns has changed in recent years. They are no longer only about political rallies, road shows and sloganeering through a loudspeaker. Election management is done with the use of modern tools and metrics that measure voter mood and satisfaction and tap into that for success in polls.

We provide comprehensive Election Campaign Management for any candidate. The services we provide are –

  • Strategy Development – Advice the candidate on winning strategy. Provide valuable inputs from top veterans in different fields to assist and guide a candidate to victory. To maintain candidate’s base and also influence floating voters by skillful media and message management. Opposition research into opponent’s record and use of such research to wean away opponent’s voters.
  • Political Survey – Complete and in-depth survey of any constituency through a questionnaire. Analysis of response and preparation of reports and summary related to voter mood.
  • Door to Door Survey – To undertake an exhaustive survey of every locality to understand the voters’ concern. Conversion of voters promise into actual votes by persuasion and reaching out.


  • Opinion Poll – It is important to know which way voters are leaning and opinion polls are an indispensable tool. We have the expertise to use a sample size of no more than a few hundred to predict a constituency.
  • Management of Social Media– Complete management of social media – Facebook, Twitter handles interaction with the electorate through social media. Use of blogs and bulk messaging to reach voters.
  • Management of Campaign Material– Design of leaflets, banners, hoardings, a manifesto to maximize publicity. To reach out to voters by use of recorded messages on mobile.
  • Influencer Management – Management of message sent out by sympathetic public influencers in television talk shows and rallies.

Poll Analysis Survey

Election Survey Report Accuracy
Lok Sabha Election 2014 BJP will make a government with 270 Seats 100 %
Haryana Assembly Elections 2014 BJP 45 +2-2 INLD 20+2-2 Congress 15+2-2 100 %
Himachal Assembly Election 2017 BJP 44+2-2. Congress 20+2-2 100 %
Gujrat Assembly Election 2017 BJP 100+2-2. Congress 75+2-2 100 %
Tripura Assembly Election 2018 NDA 43+1-1 CPIM17+1-1 100 %
Karnataka Assembly Election 2018 BJP 102+-2 Congress 78+-2 JDS 35+-2 100 %

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Our Innovative Strategies and Research Methodologies Help Candidates to Win Toughest Elections.

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