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Electoral battles are not only fought with development and politics alone but with statistical analysis of voting trends and deep understanding regarding key and swing constituencies. This is possible with our statistical analysis of data collected by more than 250 survey executives located in various regions across India.

Working under the leadership of Mr. Raman Mittal we are a group of dedicated professionals who bring to your research about the position of your party in Loksabha or Vidhansabha constituency in any state. Mr. Raman Mittal has over 15 years of experience in election survey and campaign management. We have been helping candidates win an election for more than three years with help of our predictions and able election management.


  • Door to Door Poll Analysis by Survey Executives
  • 15+ Years of Expertise in Election Survey
  • 250+ Survey Executives across PAN INDIA
  • We use analytic tools, Research Methodologies & Innovative Strategies to prepare the Poll Report
  • 100% Accuracy Rate
Live Exit Poll & Updates 
Loh Sabha Election 2019-Exit Poll
  • BJP : 10
  • BJP – 23
  • CONG – 2
  • BJP –24
  • CONG –2
  • BJP – 27
  • CONG – 2
  • NDA – 330+15-5
  • UPA – 95+5-5
  • OTHER – 100+10-10

Rnema Survey & Campaign in Media

Poll Analysis Survey

Election Survey Report Accuracy
AAP 62+2-2 BJP 8+2-2 100 %
Jharkhand Assembly Elections 2019 JMM 27+2-2 CONG 17+2-2 BJP 22+2-2 AJSU 4+1-1 JVM 4+1-1 OTHER 6+1-1 100 %
Haryana Assembly Elections 2019 BJP 37+2-2 Cong 30+2-2 JJP 10+1-1 INLD 1 OTHERS 8+1-1 100 %
Madhya Pradesh Assembly Elections 2018 Cong 120+2-2 BJP 100+2-2 BSP 3+1-1 SP 2 Ind 5+1-1 100 %
Chhattisgarh Assembly Election 2018 Cong 45 +2-2 BJP 36+2-2 RJC + BSP Alliance 10 +1-1 100 %
Rajasthan Assembly Election 2018 Cong 120 +2-2 BJP 63+2-2 Other 20 +2-2 100 %
Tripura Assembly Election 2018 NDA 43+1-1 CPIM17+1-1 100 %
Karnataka Assembly Election 2018 BJP 102+-2 Congress 78+-2 JDS 35+-2 100 %
Himachal Assembly Election 2017 BJP 44+2-2. Congress 20+2-2 100 %
Gujrat Assembly Election 2017 BJP 100+2-2. Congress 75+2-2 100 %
Lok Sabha Election 2014 BJP will make a government with 270 Seats 100 %
Haryana Assembly Elections 2014 BJP 45 +2-2 INLD 20+2-2 Congress 15+2-2 100 %


Our Services

We are a group of dedicated professionals who bring to your research about the position of your party in any region or Lok Sabha or Vidhan Sabha constituency. Not only do we provide our services to political parties but also media organizations who tap into psychology to predict electoral outcomes. We provide political research, voting tendencies, and sample polls through the collection of data at ground level through questionnaire and use of sophisticated statistical tools to extrapolate it to trends.

We specialize in the design of questionnaire in every Indian language which will tap into voter psyche, accurate choice of key and swing constituencies, and use of most suitable sampling techniques and development of predictive models.
We have in the past provided undeniable research and analysis in political and public policy matters. We will provide precise and impartial projections that will facilitate any political candidate and his/her party.

Our core team comprises of seasoned veterans from various fields – Market research, statistics and news media. They together bring several decades of accumulated expertise about every corner of this vast country that is unrivaled and improves the chances of any political party and its candidates considerably.
Electoral battles are no longer fought with development and politics alone but also with statistical analysis of voting trends. It is no longer possible to win based on rhetoric. Campaigns must be based on sound decisions driven by facts from the ground level. We enable electoral success by telling you what is on voter’s mind.

We have many satisfied clients who are a testimony to our hard work and competence.

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The Nature of election campaigns has changed in recent years. They are no longer only about political rallies, road shows and sloganeering through a loudspeaker. Election management is done with the use of modern tools and metrics that measure voter mood and satisfaction and tap into that for success in polls.

We provide comprehensive Election Campaign Management for any candidate. The services we provide are –

  • Strategy Development – Advice the candidate on winning strategy. Provide valuable inputs from top veterans in different fields to assist and guide a candidate to victory. To maintain candidate’s base and also influence floating voters by skillful media and message management. Opposition research into opponent’s record and use of such research to wean away opponent’s voters.
  • Political Survey – Complete and in-depth survey of any constituency through a questionnaire. Analysis of response and preparation of reports and summary related to voter mood.
  • Door to Door Survey – To undertake an exhaustive survey of every locality to understand the voters’ concern. Conversion of voters promise into actual votes by persuasion and reaching out.
  • Opinion Poll – It is important to know which way voters are leaning and opinion polls are an indispensable tool. We have the expertise to use a sample size of no more than a few hundred to predict a constituency.

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During the time of general elections in India, we often serve to election commission for polling surveys and publish the results in the newspapers, magazines, and other periodicals. We are serving to conduct political surveys to know the opinions about the candidates of the certain political parties. We are working for many years to conduct surveys during Lok Sabha, Vidhan Sabha, and Rajya Sabha elections and providing the results to participating parties regarding the favorable and non-favorable results. Our Seat Wise Surveys help parties to make essential decisions about giving election tickets to the candidates for the particular seats.
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Why Media Management is important?

Media Management is an important part of managing a candidate’s profile. Not only must the candidate deliver the correct message but he/she must deliver it in a manner that is accepted, approved and media friendly.

Managing a brand in media

A candidate is, after all, a “brand” and needs the same kind of nurturing of their image. It is an ongoing, pro-active process that makes the candidate acceptable to the broadest segment of electorate possible.

This is possible through skillful communication of ideas and making sure that the message reaches its intended audience as soon as possible.

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Elections are not only won by increasing the group of political parties. It’s crucial to decide that which candidate have the right leadership qualities by which you can win the party seat in the elections. The group is working under the recommendations of Mr. Raman Mittal which are expert enough to give you the proper analytic results and the strategies to know about the party’s best candidate.

The survey team helps to know more about where the party spotted in any state, Lok Sabha and Vidhan Sabha constituency. You can identify the facts and the figures to how to get the seat in the elections under the recognized political party.
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