Public Opinion Survey

Public Opinion Survey

We are a group of dedicated professionals who bring to your research about the position of your party in any region or Lok Sabha or Vidhan Sabha constituency. Not only do we provide our services to political parties but also media organizations who tap into psychology to predict electoral outcomes. We provide political research, voting tendencies, and sample polls through the collection of data at ground level through questionnaire and use of sophisticated statistical tools to extrapolate it to trends.

We specialize in the design of questionnaire in every Indian language which will tap into voter psyche, accurate choice of key and swing constituencies, and use of most suitable sampling techniques and development of predictive models.
We have in the past provided undeniable research and analysis in public opinion survey. We will provide precise and impartial projections through public opinion polls and polling survey that will facilitate any political candidate and his/her party.


Our core team comprises of seasoned veterans from various fields – Market research, statistics and news media. They together bring several decades of accumulated expertise about every corner of this vast country that is unrivaled and improves the chances of any political party and its candidates considerably.
Electoral battles are no longer fought with development and politics alone but also with statistical analysis of voting trends. It is no longer possible to win based on rhetoric. Campaigns must be based on sound decisions driven by facts from the ground level. We enable electoral success by telling you what is on voter’s mind.

We have many satisfied clients who are a testimony to our hard work and competence.

Poll Analysis Survey

Election Survey Report Accuracy
Lok Sabha Election 2014 BJP will make a government with 270 Seats 100 %
Haryana Assembly Elections 2014 BJP 45 +2-2 INLD 20+2-2 Congress 15+2-2 100 %
Himachal Assembly Election 2017 BJP 44+2-2. Congress 20+2-2 100 %
Gujrat Assembly Election 2017 BJP 100+2-2. Congress 75+2-2 100 %
Tripura Assembly Election 2018 NDA 43+1-1 CPIM17+1-1 100 %
Karnataka Assembly Election 2018 BJP 102+-2 Congress 78+-2 JDS 35+-2 100 %

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Our Innovative Strategies and Research Methodologies Help Candidates to Win Toughest Elections.

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